The Long term residency visa applies to people who have resided in the UK for a sufficient length of time. The long term residency visa is granted at the discretion of the UK Home Office and is an immigration service which lets any individuals who have spent very long periods of time in the UK a chance to stay in the country on Indefinite Leave to Remain, also known as permanent residence in the UK.

UK Residency Visa – Benefits
Once an applicant successfully obtains Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK (ILR) there is no time limit place on their stay in the UK and also as a UK resident there are no restrictions on the type of work or business they are allowed to undertake.

UK Residency Visa – Duration
As mentioned above there is no time limit on ILR, however it is always recommended that a person on ILR status should not spend more than two years outside of the UK. A UK resident on ILR should consider the UK as their home and if the individual only spends short periods of time in the UK this may lead to them losing their ILR status.
A person on ILR in the UK may become eligible for British Naturalisation to the UK if they meet the requirements for citizenship.

UK Residency Visa - Eligibility Criteria
Length of Residence For UK Residency Visa Long term residency visa applications are granted for exceptionally long periods spent in the UK; usually these visas are issued after 10 or 14 years residence in the UK.

10 Year visa For Residency Visa
The 10 year rule applies to applicants who have legally been living in the UK for ten years. If approved by the Home Office the individual is granted permanent residency and has no time limit on their continued stay in the UK.

14 Year visa For Residency Visa
The 14 year rule applies to long term residents who have lived in the UK continuously for more than 14 years whether this maybe legally or illegally. In this type of case if the applicant is successful they will be awarded Indefinite Leave to Remain. Visa Applications of this type are considered by the Home Office as long as there are no other circumstances which may counter the application, such as a criminal record.

Spouse and Dependent Immigration
Spouse immigration and Fiancé Immigration is not permitted as part of your application for Indefinite Leave to Remain if it is under the long term residency visa category. The long term residency visa category does not permit you to bring your spouse, fiancé or unmarried partner to the UK, although they may be eligible to enter the UK on another visa such as the Tier 1 General or Work Permit.

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