This service enables a student to come to the UK for a short time to work and get paid by a UK company. The student Internship Visa application is employer led. The employer must take full responsibility of the candidate and the application.

This type of visa does not use the PBS and does not require a student to be a graduate to qualify. This visa is limited to 3 months only but after this, the internee may apply for a UK work permit if they have a job offer in place.

Valid for 3 months maximum. Anyone with this visa cannot transfer to another company or another role. This visa is not designed as a route to ILR or British naturalisation.

Any spouse or dependent can travel to the UK for you, but they must not undertake any employment and must be able to support themselves during their stay here. Any dependent or spouse must leave the UK upon completion of the internship.

Eligibility for student internships

  1. Applications for the student internship scheme must come from an employer in the UK.
  2. Candidates must be a student at a college or university overseas. Evidence must be provided to show this.
  3. Students may only embark on one internship at a given time.
  4. The internship programme on offer must be at least NVQ level 3 or above.
  5. The candidate must be outside the UK when the application is submitted and decided.
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